making a server as a bit of fun, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
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 Staff applications

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PostSubject: Staff applications   Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:26 am

Staff Applications.

What is your In-Game Name::
Do you have problems with anyone::
If i asked a player about you what would they say::
How long have you been playing NineDivine::
How many hours are you in-game and in-forums::
What position are you applying for::
Why do you deserve this position::
Do you have any offenses against you::
What have you done for the server::

Fill out this test.
-A player advertises @ home what do you do::
-A player loses there bank due to a glitch what do you do::
-A player get's abused by another staff member what do you do::
-You find someone Glitching/Abusing it what do you do::
-Someone threatens to DDOS the server what do you do::

Fill this out for a chance at staff on the server/forums.
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Staff applications
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